ORM belt/necklace

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Inspired by Midgårdsormen (the World Serpent) the ORM belt curls upon itself in a never ending circle of Ragnarok and Rebirth.

• Size & Materials •
Belt length: 140cm/55"
Serpent size: 9cm/3.5" across

Model is 170cm/5'7" tall with a 73cm/28.7" waist

- Hand forged steel or copper serpent
- 100% recycled textile
- Handmade in Denmark.
Slight stretch, free size fit. Wear in multiple ways (see photos)

All CreationsByMagi items are 100% handmade by me - measurements may vary.

"One sign for the coming of Ragnarok is the violent unrest of the sea as Midgårdsormen releases its tail from its mouth and thrashes its way onto land. Fenrir will set ablaze one half of the world with fire while Midgårdsormensprays poison to fill the skies and seas of the other half."