In a small atelier by the Danish coast, CreationsByMagi dreams of a greener tomorrow. Every single item is handmade from soft, recycled textiles and carefully hand forged elements. Founded in 2018, sustainability and quality have always been the cornerstones of CreationsByMagi, and that will never change.

✴ Join me in my dream, and together we can create a little spark of everyday magic ✴

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Meet the team

Mai Magi - Creator

I'm Mai, and I create all the designs here at CreationsByMagi. I make all belts and textile designs - I design all the metal elements, and hand the drawings over to my smiths, who skillfully bring them to life. I also make all textile accessories from scratch, and always use 100% recycled textile for every creation. I started CreationsByMagi in 2018, and I'm so happy and proud to be able to work with the talented smiths you're about to meet! Combining my knowledge of textiles with their knowledge of metalwork continues to bring me creative joy and inspiration.

My personal instagram: @maimagi

Sven & Steffen - Danish smiths

Sven & Steffen are from Ebeltoft, Denmark. Sven has a background in armor making, and Steffen is currently working on life size cookie cutters for Kvindemuseet in Aarhus. They have a workshop at Grobunden, a collective focused on sustainability.

Sven & Steffen make the ORM pendants as well as the SPYD spears and SKJOLD shields

Instagram: @steffen_smed_


Oskar - Polish smith

Oskar is from Krakow, Poland. He is a self taught blacksmith who built his own forge, and describes himself as a lover of crafting, tinkering and hitting red hot steel with a hammer! Oskar specializes in traditonal knives, tools and occasionally jewelry. He makes the JOTUNN buckles and the HECATE RUSTIC rings


  Instagram: @radrakkan